RESEARCH TALK – Impro-Session


„Struck Modernism“

Impro-Session with: Vivian Wang, Kaspar König, Ludwig Berger and Florian Dombois

Date: 1. October 2019 – 5:30 – 6:30

Location: Sculpture 5 at ETH Hönggerberg by Henri Presset  “Figure X” (1975)

With the shift from the visible to the audible, Dombois formulates an attempt at an alternative reception of sculpture, an altered perceptual perspective of art history. 

For the impro-session a PA will be installed with loudspeakers, that allow the invited artists to explore the qualities of the acoustically exceptional “Figure X” of Henri Presset and to “struck modernism“. The audience will be seated on the meadow, that forms a natural theater around the sculpture.