Teaching Practice

Mapping Teaching Goals and Methodologies Through Circular Discussion

The DARCH is composed by a dynamic group of teaching units, each focusing on specific takes on specific topics, which, when combined, offer a positively overwhelming variety and quality of knowledge. Though their individual objects of study are clearly framed, pedagogical approaches tend to remain blurry and elusive. 

The goal of this series of round-table discussions is to, beyond the “what” their teaching focuses on, allow assistants to exchange on the “how” the teaching is done and how it interacts with their practice, to foster a platform for assistants to share the methodologies and structures they bring onto and extract from the chairs.

This series will look at the specificities of the work of each assistant, stemming from the relation between their teaching and their practice. It will bebased on raising questions before engaging with constructive criticism. Therefore, this series would be a first step into the sharing of positions and strategies, aiming at a coherent mapping of pedagogic approaches permeating the DARCH through the sharing of experiences and expectations of the assistants regarding the work done within and beyond their chairs, always circling back to the teaching conducted at the ETH.

Each presentation is to be built up by addressing the following three questions:

-What do we teach?
-How do we teach? – Describe a teaching experience illustrative of your teaching method.
-How does this reflect on my practice? How is my practice reflected on my teaching?

As for the specificities of the format, each event will have 3 participants presenting their experiences and positions, through a 15 min. presentation each, followed by an open discussion of about 45 min. All in all, 1:30 h per event. At a first moment, round-tables will happen on Zoom. Live events will be assessed as the semester evolves. Events will be recorded and the idea is to make it available on the AAA website to allow all assistants to refer and extract from it. 


All members of the mittelbau are eligible to apply to this open call.Please send us a brief abstract of your presentation (200 words max) where you offer a basic description of your teaching practice within the Chair you are working and of your practice, no later than 01.09.2020.

Contact information:

Francisco Moura Veiga – veiga@arch.ethz.ch

Berit Seidel – berit.seidel@gta.arch.ethz.ch