Parity Talks IV: Making ‘Excellence’ Work

This edition of the Parity Talks aims to bring expert input to the table for a constructive discussion around the root causes of unequal representation of women and minorities as role models and in obtaining career encouragement and support. Specific topics for discussion include implicit bias (hiring policy and criteria, promotion, evaluation, etc.); equal opportunity (childcare, parental leave, scheduling policy, etc.); defining “excellence”; gender parity at D-ARCH; and parity in the curriculum.

Werkstattgespräche 2018

Werkstattgespräche 2018

Getting to know your colleagues and lern how they manage their indepent practical work and /or how they improve their academic Career. Meet and Greet in different working Spaces in Zurich.

You are Welcome!

Wednesdays 18 – 20h, different VENUES


Werkstattgespräch 1 / 2018 – 18. April 2018

Delphi, Eibenstrasse 9, Zürich

Werkstattgespräch 2 / 2018 – 9. Mai 2018

F.A.T.  / stands for Forum for Architecture Theory.

organized by Fabio Don and Marco Zelli

Location will be announced soon.

Werkstattgespräch 3 / 2018 – 16. Mai 2018

Flüelastrasse 32, Zürich

Die Pavillons werden abgerissen

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

Diskutiert mit der architektura,
Zeljko Medved, Koordinator Dean’s Office
Prof. Andrea Deplazes und uns
über die (räumliche) Zukunft des D-ARCH.

HIL 777 (das Forum unter der Bibliothek mit schwarzen Vorhängen)
Dienstag, 28. 11. 17:00


13. November 2017

„Designing the Architect: The Drawing in Renaissance Architecture“
Dr. Cara Rachele (Professur Delbeke, ETHZ)