The AAA is structured in three mains parts: board, commissions and working groups.


Manages the general affairs and administration of the AAA. Its positions are:

  • President(s)
  • Communication
  • Website
  • Events & finances
  • Representatives of each commissions
  • Representatives of each working group


These are established discussion groups at the department, where the AAA is represented, along with other bodies of the D-ARCH (professors, students).

  • Departmental commission (DK)
  • Teaching commission (UK)
  • Parity and diversity commission (PDK)
  • Mental health commission

Working groups

These are groups that work on initatives in the interest of the AAA, in various contexts. These groups can be either permanent or limited in time. Currently, the working groups are:

  • Curriculum revision
  • Doctoral ordinance
  • Master thesis
  • Mittelbau forum