Get to know your colleagues and learn how they manage both their independent practices + academic careers
Meet and greet in different working spaces in Zurich.

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Students have a lively exchange at ETH. The professors know each other, network and even work together. And the Mittelbau? The assistants (that’s 400 people) usually only know each other in relation to the students or the professors.
With the Werkstattgespräche we want to set the exchange among ETH staff in motion. Since most assistants are employed part-time, we want to know more about their independent work, which they develop outside the institution.

The format of the Werkstattgespräche has existed since 2006, initiated by Harald Stühlinger. Due to its original orientation as a “colloquium for architectural, art and cultural history”, it was primarily used for the theoretical exchange of doctoral students. Since there are now numerous other events for this purpose, we would like to refresh the format and combine it with the practice of female architects, designers and artists. They are intended to be informal encounters at different locations in the city of Zurich, which are connected with their own practical work.


FS 2021

RESEARCH TALK 2  –  „Breathtaking Greenhouse Parastructures“
Date: TBC
Location: Sukkulentensammlung Zürich

Presentation by Luis Berríos-Negrón (Architect/Artist from Puerto Rico)
He will talk about his PHD, which he will finish this summer, with the titel: „Breathtaking Greenhouse Parastructures: a supplement to the Arcades Project from a Caribbean Perspective [and a call to a careful practice of epistemológica]“

In Dialog with Louis Vandenabeele, who worked together with Clemens Knobling on an expertise for the City of Zurich on greenhouses. He is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Chair of Building Archeology and Construction History, D-ARCH.

HS 2020

RESEARCH TALK 1  – Martina Bischof
Date: 29. September 7pm
Location: Eglistrasse 8, Zürich

In Conversation with Martina, we will talk about the reasons why she started to study Art History at the University of Bern and how and if this changes her work as an architect and designer. Martina is a teaching assistant at the chair of Adam Caruso, ETHZ. 

RESEARCH TALK 2  – „Struck Modernism 2“
Date: 1. October 2020 7-8 pm
Location: Sculpture 5 at ETH Hönggerberg by Henri Presset “Figure X” (1975)

Concert: Impro-Session with fellows from the Mittelbau who work also as musians.

We will do this the second time. Last year the session took place as an event during the evaluation prozess of the department.

Musicians: Saadet Türköz, Matthew Skjonsberg, Ludwig Berger and Florian Dombois.

„Struck Modernisms“ is an art work by Florian Dombois. With the shift from the visible to the audible, he formulates an attempt at an alternative reception of sculpture, an altered perceptual perspective of art history.

HS 2019


„Struck Modernism“

Impro-Session with: Vivian Wang, Kaspar König, Ludwig Berger and Florian Dombois

Date: 1. October 2019 – 5:30 – 6:30

Location: Sculpture 5 at ETH Hönggerberg by Henri Presset  “Figure X” (1975)

With the shift from the visible to the audible, Dombois formulates an attempt at an alternative reception of sculpture, an altered perceptual perspective of art history. 

For the impro-session a PA will be installed with contact-microphones and loudspeakers, that allow the invited artists to explore the qualities of the acoustically exceptional “Figure X” of Henri Presset and to “struck modernism“. 

The audience will be seated on the meadow, that forms a natural theater around the sculpture.

Listen here:


12. December 2019 3pm

The Third Landscape – The Space of the Future at Chriesbach, Dübendorf

Organized by Helene Romakin & Berit Seidel

The Chriesbach (also Dürrenbach, Dürrbach or Kriesbach) is about ten kilometers long right tributary of the Glatt in the Swiss canton of Zurich. The 32.8 kmÇ commuting area is made up of 37.6% of the built-up area, 35.2% of the agricultural area and 27.1% of the semi-natural area (naturnahe Fläche) and forest. We walk through this particular “semi-natural area” by applying the lens of “The Third Landscape” concept as introduced by the French garden designer, botanist and writer Gilles Clément in 2003.

The walk leads us along the Criesbach river towards Altbach, another tributary of the Glatt, where the Luzi AG is situated. As a traditional Swiss fragrance company founded in 1926, LUZI produces over 900 new fragrances per year. Together with Berit Seidel from the artist collective U5 the perfumer and fragrance developer Sidonie Grandperret talks with us about the creation of volcanic scents for the film “The Human Crater” (2017). The walk and the guided tour will be rounded up by an Apero at the new building district “Zwicky Areal” in Dübendorf.

FS 2019

LUDWIG BERGER 17. April 2019 – 19h

Soundartist and Composer

Research Associate at the Chair of Christophe Girot, ETH Zurich / HIL H 40.5 / AudioVisual Lab


HS 2018

Werkstattgespräch  3 / 2018 – 5. Dezember 2018 – 8pm


TEN Kantine, Genossenschaft, Dreieck, 8004 Zürich

Werkstattgespräch  2 / 2018 – 21. November 2018 – 8pm


Tanrisever Architektur / Haldenbachstrasse 34 / CH 8006 Zürich

Werkstattgespräch  1 / 2018 – 3.Oktober 2018 – 7pm

DAVID JENNY – Gramazio Kohler Research / ETH Zurich/ Building HIB


FS 2018

Werkstattgespräch 1 / 2018 – 18. April 2018 – 7pm


Delphi, Eibenstrasse 9, Zürich

Werkstattgespräch 2 / 2018 – 9. Mai 2018 – 7pm


F.A.T.  / stands for Forum for Architecture Theory.

organized by Fabio Don and Marco Zelli

Werkstattgespräch 3 / 2018 – 23. Mai 2018 – 7pm


Flüelastrasse 32, Zürich

Coordinator: berit.seidel@gta.arch.ethz.ch

FS 2017

Werkstattgespräch Praxis 1 / 2017 – 28. März 2017 – 7pm

Flüelastrasse 6
CH – 8048 Zurich


HS 2017

Werkstattgespräche Forschung 2017

13. November 2017

„Designing the Architect: The Drawing in Renaissance Architecture“ Dr. Cara Rachele (Professur Delbeke, ETHZ)

27. November 2017

„Concrete Nonlinear – On Building a Monograph of Zurich Artist Shizuko Yoshikawa“ Dr. Gabrielle Schaad (Gastdozentur Lange, ETHZ)

11. Dezember 2017

„Skalierte Modelle, skalierte Kamera“ Sarine Waltenspül (FSP Transdisziplinarität, ZHDK)

Coordinator: Moritz Gleich gleich@arch.ethz.ch

Location: HIL E 71

Time: Mondays, 6pm